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Best Simple Weight Loss Tips Eat Bigger Portion Of Food

Weight loss tips for you that I know personally that work for weight loss so if you are interested then try these Pistachios, eat hand full of pistachio twice a week and that will make your system work batter and faster and according to a very authentic research people who take pistachio as the mid day snack are less likely.

In Simple Weight Loss Tips Eat Bigger Portion Of Food

Stop Eat sliced food, mostly people believe that they eat bigger portion of food when they eat something that is in slice, according to a very famous Chinese Research if you eat in a small plate you would eat let’s say 25 calories but if you eat a small slice of pizza you would end up eating 275 calories and you would still feel empty, so stop eating sliced food, eat what make you feel you full and healthy never eat something that will make you feel bad about your own self later.

Get On The Scale Everyday, weight loss tips yourself every day, don’t think that if you will weight yourself it will destroy your motivation and hurt you in fact try to fix a time and weight yourself at this specific time every day. It will help you if you are going on right track or not, try to understand one thing, if something will work for you it will show you in one or two days and if something is not working for two days then quit and try something else don’t waste your time.

Brush your teeth after every meal, and if you are feeling craving for something use a mint mouth wash and then take the most smallest bite of that thing, I bet you will not swallow it, personal experience? when you brush your teeth your mind order you that it is the time to stop eating now and no matter what anyone else is eating, you would not feel any kind of craving.

Eat in smaller plate and with small spoon and folk, you will feel fuller sooner and you can decrease the quantity of your food with this method too, if you are not very fussy with colors then try plain black plat for your food and this will help you playing with your mind.

Use original things rather then preservatives and artificial food, stop eating eatable products, a food that is made in a factory instead of a farm or a field is not for human, weight loss tips things are made in factories and we call them products, don’t eat products.

Use measuring cups, measure food and start eating a bit less every day, if you feel that you are eating small portion and that is helping then work on that, take a measuring cup and weight loss tips, your food and measure it and then eat and gradually and slowly you will start losing weight.

If you like salad and you should because salad is good for you and if you do the make it at home, don’t buy ready to eat salad rather than that take a broccoli, one carrot, few cherry tomatoes, olives and may be one boiled egg or some roasted chicken pieces or whatever you like and eat as one meal of the day and now you can add your own dressing in it, and you can make it with lemon juice and olive oil and if you have any kind of issues with bones or joints then don’t add lemon instead of it try to add any other spices or herb in it