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8 Step Guide to Weight Loss During Menopause

Women have to face a number of emotional and physical circumstances during menopause, last state of physical transition in females that commonly happen after 50s.

Weight gain is a strongly associated with menopause due the hormonal deviation and lowered levels of estrogen (an important hormone that controls metabolism and hunger). Apart from these, several other factors also contribute in gaining weight during 50s i.e. declined muscle mass, low metabolic rate and less activity level etc.

The post-menopausal weight gain increase the risks of severe health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and cancer. Thus, it is very essential to tackle this problem on time. This page provides an 8-step guide to lose weight during menopause.

Easy Guide to Weight Loss During Menopause

1. Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Our muscle mass and metabolic rate gradually declines as we grow old, which means that the calorie requisite also reduces during 50s. Therefore, you should include low-calorie foods in your daily diet plan to avoid gaining weight during menopause.

2. Eat Healthy

The mature women should more care while making a diet plan. It is impossible to prevent the root cause of post-menopausal weight gain (hormonal variations) but you can avoid the risks of getting excess flabs inside your body by eating healthy foods. Say a big No to all junk foods and sweets. Replace such kind of foods with healthy, protein-rich snacks.

3. Consume Fresh Fruits & Salad

When it comes to nourish your body without putting the loads of excess calories on your stomach, nothing can prove better than fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in calories. A plate full of salad makes you feel fuller for long time, hence helping you eat less. So, make sure to add enough quantity of fruits and salads to your daily diet plan.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

In addition to healthy and rich diet, adequate intake of water also plays a significant role in keeping your body fit and healthy. It keeps your body well hydrated, promotes the functioning of digestive system and boosts your metabolism. The health providers recommend taking at least two liters of water every day for a healthy lifestyle.

5. Increase Your Physical Activities Level

As I have mentioned in above lines that doing less physical activities is also a major contributor for weight gain after 50s. To tackle with this issue, try to find some easy ways to keep yourself involved in physical activities. For example, you can decide on using stairs instead of lift to go up.

6. Do Mild Exercises Regularly

Daily exercise routine help you in building the muscle mass and improving metabolism. In addition, you can burn efficient quantity of body fats by doing exercise regularly. In the age of 50, it is hard to do hard workouts, therefore go for the low impact aerobic workouts such as walking, dancing, swimming etc.

7. Take Sufficient Sleep

Aside from the aforementioned contributing factors for post-menopause weight gain, taking insufficient sleep is also a ghoulish behavior that triggers your fitness worries. To prevent any unpleasant situation to be happen, take at least seven to eight hours sleep every day.

8. Overcome Stress

For most women, menopause cause a lot of stress and trouble. They consider this physical condition to be the end their happy life. If you want to minimize the drawbacks of menopausal phase, never let it henpeck you all times.
You have read the easy, 8 Step Guide to Weight Loss during Menopause. Did you find it effective to lose post-menopausal weight gain? Do share your worthy comments in given-below box.