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A Healthy Lifestyle For A Man

Usually when we rub to get the successful life and a great career, we normally left our healthy far behind and just run to fulfill our goals, but this is not a very good idea, if you are trying to get a good life then you need to look after your health too and you need to take care of your eating and drinking too and you need to maintain a balanced life and that will actually make you happy and successful eventually.

Here is an ideal lifestyle for a man to lead a successful life:

First of all you need to maintain a healthy diet and for that you need to pay attention of diet for 90% and then you need to pay attention of your exercise for reaming 10% and control what you eating, I am not saying that starving is good, I am totally against of starving, I like to say eat, but in very small portion, you can eat 5-6 times a day, but not more that a portion that can get fit in your own palm,  and in that portion you can eat whatever you want, you can even can eat all delicious, sinful foods you love and that will not make you fat, but the Key is you should not eat bad food too much, you can, but you should not and try to get on vegetarian diet 25 days a month and then you can eat all the meat you want in other days.

Consume more fruits and vegetables  and try to eat those foods that are good for losing bad fats and are good for your body, and drink plenty of water throughout the day, I am not saying that drink one or two liters, drink more that you normally do and increase that portion gradually.

Try to say No for eating out every day, it is good if you are enjoying time with your friends, but not every day rather than eating, you can go out for bowling and for other sports and that will not only make you feel good and happy, it will help you get in fit and healthy lifestyle, and let me tell you that a match that you play as a computation will burn three times more calories than a regular match, Never ever eat after 7 no matter how important food it is, you can keep playing with your food if it is a official diner and if you really have to then walk back home no matter what, you need to burn that food and then stay up for another one hour and then you can sleep, and best is do not eat after 7.

Go out and join some kind of gym, if you have some sports in your lifestyle that require running and jumping n sweating then it is okay, otherwise I want you to join a gym an spend good active 2 hours there every day or 6 days a week
Last but not least, sleep tight.