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Maria Javaid Khan is a personal trainer for Exercise , Weight Loss and a freelance writer with more than 13 years of exercise experience. You can get best tips for your body share and Best Butt Exercises. More at Google

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise At Home

Daily Count Your Calories

Lose weight without exercise is not impossible in this era. You can maintain it by making some healthy changes and technique in your daily diet and life style, just you have to count your calories and note down it daily. Here we give you some tips and tricks by some experts which are very meaningful in Lose weight without exercise. How …

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How to Losing Weight After Pregnancy

How to losing weight after pregnancy as soon as the accumulation of baby weight in-cepts, the to-be-moms begin planning pre-partum weight loss strategies to get rid of excess pounds put on their body during pregnancy. Since shedding extra weight becomes the chief priority of weight-conscious ladies, ignoring their health, they start following strict diet, resort to weight-loss supplements or indulge …

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Healthy Diet For Your Healthy Heart

Best Foods For Your Healthy Heart

With a large number of people across the globe losing their lives because of them every year, the heart disorders have become a major health concern these days. There are several factors that contribute to bringing about cardiovascular disorders such as improper or unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, mental stress or lack of workouts. Moreover, these can also coupled with high …

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Lose Weight With Thyroid Disease

Today we are going to give you some tips to lose weight with your thyroids, although they are pretty simple, but it will take some very strong determination to lose weight and if you think that you can do that and you have a will of steel then here are some tips for u to get slim and smart with …

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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy Fast

How to lose weight after pregnancy fast studies suggest that a healthy woman usually accumulate 25-30 pounds extra weight during pregnancy. Almost half of this weight sheds off as soon as the baby is delivered but to get rid of the remaining pregnancy weight she needs to make sincere effort while giving her body enough time to recover from labor. …

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Best Foods for Diabetics to Lose Weight

Certain food items are specifically beneficial for type 2 diabetics as they facilitate in keeping the blood sugar levels in control. Such foods are loaded with soluble fiber that dissolves in water to make a gel-like stuff, which works excellently to lessen your glucose and cholesterol levels. Here is a list of best foods for diabetics to lose weight. Leaf …

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Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Losing weight without exercise requires a lot of self discipline and a change in your eating habits, you cannot say that I will eat all the rubbish and all the snakes my country have in the stores and I am not even ready to get in gym to burn that and I want to lose my weight, that is impossible, …

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