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Best Arm Workout Exercises

We are going to share some very simple and some very effective movies that will not only lose your arms fat, but they will keep them toned and beautiful too and you don’t need to buy heavy equipment for that, you just going to use your own body weight, a jump rope, and a set of 1- to 2-pound hand weights and lots of motivation and strong will to do that regularly.

You just need to give your arms one hour and you will be able to get sculpt arms from your shoulders to your fingertips in less than a month.

Best Arm Workout Exercises

Best Arm Workout Exercises Ideas

Let’s Get Started

You need to start with skipping and then main goal is to make a big circle with your arms and you need to keep doing that till you start feeling your heartbeat in your ears and you start getting exhausted, I bet it will take one to two minuses and that is the starter of your workout. Push-Up, now we will start our workout with pushups which are really good for your Chest, shoulders, and triceps, now you need to keep your posture perfect, you have to keep your feet together and hands spaced wider than shoulder and fingers pointing out and you need to see that when you push yourself down your elbows suppose to be bend outward rather than backward, you need to do that for one minute in one go, don’t break the rhythm.

Wrist Rotation

Now you need to take your 1- to 2-pound dumbbell in each hand while your arms are extended in front of you at shoulder height and keep your palms down and start rotate your wrists inward faster and stronger for one minute and that is really good for your wrist. Floor Pull-Up which is good for your Back and biceps and as you know that you need to lie down on your back and it is good if you use some kind of table top hold you down and now you need to hold that table and pull yourself up with the help of arm muscles and hold your weight with you arm for one sec and then lay down again and you need to keep doing that for one minute.

Best Arm Workout Routine

Weighted Punch for good looking Shoulders and biceps and stand with feet width apart with your dumbbells in your hands and your fists in front of your face and palms facing each other now you will start punching in the air and one at a time and you can keep jumping while you do that and this will add in your weight lose too

The Aerobox are perfect for Shoulders and you just need to stand with 1- to 2-pound weight in each hand in front of your face, and now you need to lean a bit with left foot 6 inches forward and right foot 6 inches back and start punching in front of you and you need to be faster and harder and you need to use all the power you have for one minute in one go, don’t take rest and keep punching till you get exhausted.

You have to lose some weight too to get healthy arms, you can try skipping for 5 minutes after every three hours and you will see some difference.