Best Way To Lose Weight

We tried everything to lose weight and when we get succeeded it came back within one or two months, which means no matter what you do, you will get it back which means there is something we need to do to get rid of that weight permanently, if you want to lose weight for good then you need to follow these tips and rules.

What is the basic and the most important thing in weight lose program? It is activities that we do to get rid of that extra weight and you don’t need to pay 100s as a gym fees you can try any kind of exercise and anything that can make your heart beat faster and that can make you sweat, it will not only burn your calories but also build muscle, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure, improve mood and finally slim you down and the best thing about that is if you add this in your lifestyle for the rest of your life you will never get fat ever aging.

If you say that you are spending 7 hours a day in office and two in gym and one in part for morning or evening walk then where is your life? Is that practical, let’s say you can try that for one month and two, but can you do that for whole life? This is impossible and this is impossible at all, so rather investing all your active time at the gym try to add this in your life, use things that can make you lose weight during the day, never ever use accelerator stairs, never use lift, no matter how high do you need to go and how much time it will take, use bicycle rather than car all the time or at least when it is possible, try to go out with kids and family, go for swimming and running with them and that is the best way to stay fit.

If you are enjoying some good time and you are celebrating something never ever go for pizza or ice-cream, try something healthy, like cook at home and eat together, try BB or something earthier, you have to celebrate? Go fishing and spend time there and eat healthiest way of omegas 3, try to change your perception and see if that help the life?.

If you trying to spend some fun time then say no to movie and say yes to some sports time, go out and try some sports, cricket, basket ball and other things, if you want to get your son or daughter something get them some sport stuff or a gym or swimming pass, never ever go for Indore games, It’s a life and you got to live it not spend it and live it healthily, did I mention water? drink lots of water.

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About the Author: Maria Javaid Khan is a personal trainer for Exercise , Weight Loss and a freelance writer with more than 13 years of exercise experience. You can get best tips for your body share and Best Butt Exercises. More at Google

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