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Weight Gain Deal With Post Marriage Weight Gain

When we see a perfect bride weight gain diet, we think that how perfect couple and how beautiful they look, but after few days or weeks when we see them we see some drastic change in that girl and normally in body boy and girl and today we are going to deal this Post Marriage Weight Gain and we are going to try how to prevent that fat.

This Post Marriage Weight Gain with weight gain diet

It is not unusual that a couple is working extra hard to look perfect on their special day, but as soon they got married and they start their married life they stop taking care of their looks and start eating rubbish and drinking horrible things, and they quit all healthy things at once and it shows some horrible results and if you are facing the same situating and you think that you cannot deal with all married life and your healthy at the same time then you need to follow these rules and these simple tips for that.

I know that you cannot keep your diet planes with all that marriage and honeymoon rush and you lose the concentration and focus too weight gain diet, I know that it seems horrible if you ask someone that if you invite us at diner you need to cook this food and not this, so you have to eat what they have for you, and sometime or should I say, mostly you eat horrible foods, drinks and deserts, but if you want to keep your body fit as it was on your big day then you can try some simple tricks, drink lots of cold water, say no for cold drinks or hard drinks, keep sipping chilled water while they are sitting with you, it is not rude to say no for unhealthy refreshments, you can pick healthy options though, but if you are there to eat then don’t eat anything at all, just hold your glass full with ice cold water and keep sipping it.

Say No to any kind of desert, but if you been good with your food and you didn’t eat any rubbish then you can try one tablespoon of it and if they are serving fruit cocktail then you can try some and at the end ask for some green tea and if they are close enough then you can ask them to add some apple cider vinegar, some black salt in it and some honey and enjoy it with pleasant feeling.

If you are going out and you are with your partner and it will feel totally rude to say no to him then the best idea is eat vegetarian low fat dinner and don’t drink anything at all beside plain water and if you really have to take some in your glass then show that you are sipping it, but don’t drink.

Take best sleep possible weight gain diet and try to get up just 45 minutes earlier then your partner and get a quick morning run, burn all those calories you are eating and don’t let marriage ruin your body and your health an sooner he will notice your care for your health and I bet he will like it.