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Sample Diabetic Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Diabetes meal plan for weight loss is a simple eating plan that promotes consumption of nutritive diets in sensible quantities while sticking to well-ordered mealtimes. A healthy and nutritious diabetes meal plan offers specific food items that help you control blood sugar levels. Making you blood glucose levels in safe range is much important task if you have diabetes or prediabates. However, you can meet your target easily by bringing little healthy alterations to your eating habits.

Diabetic Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Why to Opt for Diabetes Meal Plans for Weight Loss

Making healthy food choices becomes more crucial when you are battling with diabetes as excess calories and fat-rich diets eventually result as higher blood sugar levels in the body. If remained unchecked for long time, blood sugar cause many severe health issues heart and kidney damage. A diabetes meal plan not only provides an effective, healthful tactic to keep you blood sugar within safe limit but also help you in healthy weight loss.

Diabetes Meal Plans: Worthwhile Recommendations

When you have diabetes or prediabates, eat well-balanced and healthy diets to decrease your health risks and keep your weight on track. Given below recommendations will help you create your own diabetes meal plans.

1. Focus on Calorie-Controlled Diets

Calorie-Controlled Diets

An effective and healthy diabetes meal plan can be designed on the base of calorie count. The estimate calorie figure for diabetes type 2 patients ranges between 1400-200 calories for males and 1200-1800 calories for females. However, you can get worthy opinion from your health provider to determine exact number of calories that you require to be fit and healthy. He may give you a better advice, keeping the associated factors (such as your age, gender, body type, current weight and activity level) under consideration.

2. Take Low-Fiber Diet to Lower Blood Sugar

ow-Fiber Diet to Lower Blood Sugar

Including lots of fiber to your diabetes meal plans is most beneficial to control your blood sugar as well as body weight. A latest study report has disclosed the fact that the folks, who ate the diet rich in fiber, had the lowest quantity of body fat. The perfect diabetes meal plan includes daily three servings of whole grains, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Make healthy snacks using useful salads, black beans and chickpeas. Sprouts make a healthy option while hunting for fiber-rich foods.

3. Eat Smaller Meals Three or More times instead of Two Big Meals

Eat Smaller Meals Three or More times instead of Two Big Meals

An ideal Diabetes Meal Plan comprises three or more small meals instead of two big meals. Having big meals can upsurge your blood sugar levels, while mini-meals help you to keep blood sugar in control even immediately after eating. Furthermore, this procedure restricts your calorie intake, facilitating you curb your appetite for long time.

4. Never Skip Good Fats from Diabetes Diet Plan

Skip Good Fats from Diabetes Diet Plan

Fats usually get bad repute in healthy diet discussion but do you that some fats are healthy for overall health. Such fats lower the cholesterol levels, decreasing the risks of heart diseases. These fats are as essential to your diet as Proteins, Carbohydrates and other nutrients. Fatty fish, nuts and canola oil are best sources of the fats that are advantageous for health.

5. Foods to Avoid

Foods to Avoid healthy diabetes meal plans

The healthy diabetes meal plans should be devoid of some food items that increase blood sugar and cause several disorders. For example, intake of alcohol and aerated drinks should be strictly avoided. Besides this, stay away from high-sugar foods like pastries, cakes, sweets etc.

Sample Diabetic Meal Plan for Weight Loss

  • Breakfast: One glass of skim milk & medium-sized apple
  • Morning Snack: ½ cup of blueberries & one tsp of fat-free cheese
  • Lunch: One serving of chicken vegetable salad & whole-wheat Bread
  • Afternoon Snack: Greek yogurt (sweetened with low-calorie sweetener, topped with strawberries)
  • Dinner: One serving of steamed Brussels sprouts &one medium-sized Peach

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