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Diet Tips For Lose Weight [ I ]

I personally know that it is not easy to lose weight and after shading pounds the worst part is keep it away, we know that this is not easy and this is really hard and become harder when we need to remember lots of tips and ideas and that make things so stressed full that we start thinking to quit and start eating rubbish, we are making these blogs and actually it is a set of two blogs that we are giving you under the title Diet Tips and Diet Tips-1 just for you to see if we can help you to make things simple of easer or not.

Read, Read, Read: One of the best idea to cut down unhealthy and unproductive ingredients is read the label, read the label of healthy food and read the label of unhealthy food, keep looking for healthy options and never compromise of this, keep one thing in your mind, you are not allow to eat unhealthy rubbish food at any cost and any condition, if you are hungry and you don’t have time to cook then pick something from uncooked food options, you can always eat one apple and one glass of milk with one tea spoon of honey in it, if you are thirsty and you cannot find any public tab anywhere near then try some fresh juice from any drink shop that squeeze juice in front of you, I guess you know what I am saying by now.

Pick Healthy Food: You need to understand one things clearly, whatever you eat is going to make you fat, less or a lot, but you would run to burn these calories, eating is very easy, but burring that fat is very hard and difficult so pick wisely, always eat what has more bandits then side effects;) eat natural foods, rather than ready to eat food or in other worlds eatable products, eat that comes from land or nature rather than made in a factory. Drink pure clean water; don’t add any flavor in it, don’t drink any kind of drink that is made in any kind of factory by some heartless machinery. This is the easiest tip to understand that, eat food not eatable products.

Don’t Drink Calories: If you think by drinking diet sodas, you are drinking healthy drink then you are wrong, soda, any kind of soda, juices or sports drinks, any brand or company, sparkling or still water bottle, and all such kind of options of drinks are bad, don’t drink them at all, you not suppose to drink calories, when you feel thirsty you need water not calories, they will not provide your body what it need so try to drink as much water as possible and stay hydrated.

Junk Is For Bin Not For Your Bally: I cannot say that you can eat junk food once a week or once a month or once a year when I exactly know how horrible it is for your body, your health and your life, have you ever thought why do we call it junk food? Well! all the meat, no matter what type and what kind of meat, all meat comes from junk, not literally though, they feed chicks and pigs and cows on such a food that you cannot even imaging, and then they prove these animals to us and we eat it, I am not saying that I know that can you eat a food from junk? No! Once in year or once in a life time? No! Then how can you eat a food that is literally a recycled version of that food? If your friends are taking you such kind of place or if they are insisting to eat such kind of food then change your friends immediately, they are not good friends.

The Best Movie Snacks: If you are going out with your friends like you are going out for movie then take a small bag of healthy snakes, like one apple, some baby carrots and some baby cucumbers with you and if you want something spicy then try some small roosted chicken piece or some roosted nuts with you and you can start a healthy trend of such kind of snakes in your friends and stay healthy and make them feel that they need to start this life style too. Continue… Diet Tips For Lose Weight [ II ]