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Diet Tips For Lose Weight [ II ]

If you want to lose weight and want to keep this off for the rest of your life then you need to change your life style, if you think that you can shed these pounds that you gathered in last 10-20 years, within one week or one month then you are wrong, you need to give it time at least half of the time you took to make that much fat.

Eat Before Going Out: That is a really very nitrating and healthy idea, if you would be full then no one could make you eat, no matter what they are eating, if you think that you are hungry then eat something and drink lots of water and rather than buying snakes or drink take one bottle of water with you, if you think that you are somewhere where you cannot get any kind of healthy then eat something uncooked, ask for some salad or some salad with fish or chicken, but roosted, not fried or cooked.

Keep Healthy Option in Your Purse: If you are changing your lifestyle and you are new in this line then you will get so much destruction so if you seriously trying to reduce some weight then keep some helping stuff in your purse and never leave your home without these things, boiled egg, fresh homemade juice, some snakes, some nuts or anything that you feel can make you feel full for a while.

Small Portions: If you are trying to get in some healthy lifestyle then try to start with small portions, you should buy some small size serving bowls and plates and the best idea is use baby spoons too or use small picking spoons that carry very small and light which will keep you eating too much and eating lots of you would eat small potions no matter what so this will help you a lot, if you don’t realize this now you would soon.

Junior Mints: If you think that you are getting sweet tooth then the best idea is eat a half of teaspoon pure uncooked sugar, this will finish your sugar craving immediately, but if you still want to eat something then eat a small size lollipop or you can try some junior mind which will not only give you a satisfied feeling, but it will make your sugar bud so numb that you wouldn’t get any kind of taste so you would not eat anything at all.

Drink two glass of water before any meal, drink one worm glass of water with few mint in it one hour later of every meal, you can try any kind of mint drink too, but make sure they have not used any kind of sweetener in it
Enjoy healthy living and healthy lifestyle.