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Diets For Rapid Weight Loss

We are going to share some diet plans for you to lose weight and you need to pick which one is good and which one is best for your body according to your body and your requirement Scarsdale Diet

This is one of the most famous diet plans and you don’t need to starve yourself for that, this diet plan consists of regular food items to be eaten for 14 days and you can eat as much as you like no need to make small portions,
Breakfast: - eat fruit, a plain toasted slice of bread and coffee or tea with no sugar, cream or milk.

Lunch: - you have to eat salad of assorted vegetables without dressing with coffee, tea or plain water.

Dinner: - you can eat a combination of fish, salad, a slice of plain toasted protein bread, fruit and tea/coffee, well it is all up to you and you need to be strict with three meals a day and you will see a difference within 14 days.

Lemonade Diet: - well if you think that you have nerves and determination of steel then this is a diet plan for you which will work for sure, but you need to be too patient and determined and you will lose 10 to 20 pounds during the first 10 days of dieting.

Drink 100 ounces of lemonade every day, but don’t add sugar in it….
Drink three cups of warm salt water in a day and the best is if you drink one in morning and in the evening and that will help you clean your bowels and you must drink herbal tea at night as a laxative.

This is a diet that wills clean and eliminates fat so you cannot eat anything at all, just lemonade and salty water, first of all it will keep you fit and energetic, but if you feel weak then you can eat one grapefruit in a day.

The Cabbage Soup Diet, is one of the oldest and the one of the most famous diet and it has some many controversies attached to it too, but personally I think if you are doing everything according to the instruction then you are going to lose KGs in one month.

What is the diet plan? Well you just allow drinking cabbage soup and you cannot eat and drink anything else, but regular drinking water and you bet you will lose 10bs in one week, if you ask me if it is healthy or not, then I will say that it is not safe, but it will lose weight in one month and it is entirely up to you how much you want to lose.

Hollywood Diet: - Well it is one of the yummiest and the funniest diet plan, you feel like a princess and you look like a celebrity, and in this diet plan you are allow to dink juice, you can drink all kind of fresh natural juices and nothing else, you can drink 8 glasses of water and 8 glass of water and you will lose 8 pounds in two days, best diet plan possible. now let me help you what kind of juice you can consume.

You can try oranges, lemons, honey, bananas, apples, grape juice and if you want to make a mix fruit cocktail then it is absolutely fine you can enjoy that for 6 days a week for months and you will get best skin, hair body and eyes ever.

The Grapefruit Diet: - last but not least, grapefruit is one of the best fruit to lose weight and in early 18s ballet dancers introduce that diet and now it is one of the top diet plans of this world.this is a diet plan for a rapid weight lose and you are allow to eat grapefruit for 10 days, but no more than two grapefruits in day or if you are counting your calories then don’t go over 600 calories a day.