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Exercises That Help Knee Pain

Knees pains are the most common joint issues and it doesn’t matter how old you are and how healthy or fatty you are, it is issue that if related with the way you live and the way you deal with your joints. it has nothing to do with your age and honestly speaking we see younger people dealing with joint issues than older people now days.

If you are facing some issue and pain while you exercise, walk, use stairs and do other stuff, you should not ignore it, it can be a start of knee injuries and it can be a muscles issue too so you need to start look after them right now, don’t think that I am in my 20s or 30s how come I am gating knee or join issue, it must be something else and it will be resolved by itself. it will never go away by itself, you need to work on it and you need to make it go, and here are some helping ways for you to make it go.

Stretches: - If it is difficult to start exercise for you then join some kind of gym that help you get into body work out and you need to do these exercises, the most effective one is stretching. And here are some very simple starching exercises that you can do to prevent and treat your knee injury.

Sitting in a chair with your back pushed to the chair back and put your one food on other chair which is slightly higher than the other one now, push the raised knee toward the floor, but you cannot push it with your hands, you need to use your leg muscles and keep that pressure on your know for few second and then relax and repeat this for 5 times on each leg and then switch.

Lay down to your back and bend fold you one leg and rest the other one on the floor and then raised your rested legs heel upward and feel the pressure on your knees and stay there for 5 seconds and then rest, 5 reps and 2 sets each leg.

Sit in a chair with your back flat to your back and loop a long piece of cloth or you can use a resisting band for that too and pull it up, for like 4-5 inches and then stay there for 5 seconds and then go back on the floor 5 reps of 3 sets.

Beside these exercises you need to look after your diet too, if you are eating joint issues then eat something that is good for your joints and I would recommend a joined soup for that, you can use any kind of joints for that, but I would recommend joints of lame and if you are living in any part of Asia then try to find some meat of cow and you will be perfectly fine with that.

Try to lose some KGs. it is very necessary if you are getting knee issues, I am not saying that weight has anything to do with that, it is just to give some relieve to your knees, but jogging and jumping is not in your options anymore, you can reduce weight with walk or diet, take your pick.