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Food Craving & Weight Loss

The first thing that we quit when we get on any kind of diet plan is our favorite foods, including sweets, junk food, taking to outside food some baked tings and lots of drinks that we feel that we will die without these things and when we leave then we need to deal with so much craving and today we are going to talk about it, how to deal with craving and how to stick with the plan and how to keep your track.

Here are some informative tips that can really help you control your craving and keep you on your plan:
First thing that you need to do when you start your diet plan is, clean your house from all those things that are not good for you, biscuits, chocolates, hard and soft drinks and all other ready to eat processed food, throughout all kind of food cheating, you need to control your emotional eating at once now, you cannot eat if you are upset, super happy sad or alone, food is not something that you eat to make yourself happy or distracted, you need to stop it right now.

Sugar craving, I bet this is the strongest carving in this world, you cannot distract your sweet tooth, but I bet you can play some mid game with your food buts and with your neutrons, if you need sugar then eat sugar, but plain uncooked row sugar, just take one table spoon of white uncooked sugar and pour it in your mouth and you will feel that you will not even swallow it, row sugar is horrible and your carving is over.

Carving For Chocolate: - I must say that losing weight is not easy, I know that all of girls out there miss their chocolate and it is not as bad as you feel, you miss you chocolate you can eat it, just make sure that it is plain chocolate, no nut not wafer is mixed with it and you have to be really patient with it now, you cannot eat whole bar, share it with at least 8 people and then you can eat the remaining one, Drink lots of water and try to get distracted when you crave for something bad, you need to be strong now and we know you can do that, buckle up girls.