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Foods to Increase Collagen Production

When we feel any kind of Skin aging, thinning of the skin, fine line and wrinkles and all kind of sports, actually they show that natural production of collagen in our skin is not healthy and not enough to handle the skin issues naturally and we need some help so let’s see how we can help our skin.

When we see any kind of fine line and when we see any new mole or new dark mark or any kind of skin issue we run to our dermatologist and ask for aging lotions and creams which is a wrong approach, if your skin is thirsty inside and you are pouring water over your skin that is not going to help your skin or your issue you need to provide water to your body to fulfill the thirst so let’s see how we can deal with these issues with foods.

Before getting into this long discussion let me talk about the whole Collagen Molecule products and the result of these kind of things, well when we see that our depressed pimples are leaving deep marks and when we see some aging marks we start thinking we need some lotion or some product that has Collagen Molecule of things that challenge to produce Collagen Molecule in your skin.

Well stay away from all of such things and stay away from all these great claims, they don’t work, they cannot work and that is not possible, this can be happen at least till the date, if they have Collagen Molecule then can help but collagen molecules are just too large to get inside the skin like this, you know skin pores are very small and they cannot absorb all these Collagen Molecule which means all of these things are waste of time and waste of money and they cannot and they don’t work.

Naturally Foods to Increase Collagen Production

Now we are providing some small list of foods that can actually help your to producing colognes. All cold water fish like salmon, sardines, cod, mackerel, tuna and all other fishes are really good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and they are very good to produce collagen and it not only help your body and your skin they are very good for body and health too.


Garlic is a very good source of sulfur, and that is a very basic and very helpful mineral to produce collagen, it can provide taurine and lipoid acid which is very important for collagen fibers, but try to eat it row, don’t cook it or grill it, if you don’t like then test then don’t chew it just take it with water like tablet.


Tomato is very rich in the antioxidant lycopene which is very good for collagenases, it helps keeping Collagenases to destroy collagen and produce healthy collagen. Raw tomatoes are very good and they have a huge amount of lycopene, but the worst thing about tomatoes are they release all the goodness and benefits as soon fire touch them so never eat cooked tomatoes, cause then they are no more than a chewing gum.

How to Eat Tomatoes Healthy

You can eat all kind of citric fruits, read spices, colored fruits and vegetables and the best thing that you can do to get natural collagen then eat healthy lean meat and you will see the rate of collagen production will go up automatically.