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Healthy Lifestyle Get Rid Of Muffin Top

We are going to talk about healthy lifestyle, how you can get rid of your love handles in now time and I am not going to say that you need to sign up in some kind of expensive gym just healthy food and healthy lifestyle and some workout.

So are you ready for Core-Toning Exercises For healthy lifestyle?

One thing you got to add in your day to day life the way you have eating or breathing, no way out! Walking , jumping rope, jogging or dancing, you have to do some kind of cardio in your life every day, don’t listen when people say walk three times a week, they are not happy with your perfect shape and that is the reason they want you to quit, walk run jump daily and burn more then you eat.

This one we will call chair crawl, keep your feet flat on the floor and sit on the chair now consider your fingers of hands like your leg and start walking over your legs like you walking on the down the hill from thighs to as long as you could go and then come back in the same way, you need to spends 5 minutes with this crawling.

Another one is Chair twist, hold some books that weight equivalent of eight to 12 pounds and hold them with your hands and then sit in the chair, now keep your elbows in line of your shoulders and now you need to twist over your right shoulder and then come back and then over left shoulder and then come back but keep an eye that you using core muscles while you using that and keep thinking about this very spot and this will work twice.

Chair knee lifts, as you can see from the name that it is something that include lifting the knees, so sit in the chair, keep your feet flat on the floor, and holding your hands in front of your belly healthy lifestyle and now raise your one foot upward for like couple of inches hold it here for a while then place it back and now do the same with other one.

One of the famous and brilliant ones for your cores workouts thigh squeezes and for that you just need to sit down in the chair and squeeze your legs together like you are pressing a tennis ball between your thighs and do that any time you want and it really work.