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2 Most Popular Healthy Meal Plans to Lose Weight For Women

Are you looking for healthy meal plans to lose weight for women? If your answer is yes, then must visit this page as here I have described effective diet meal plans that may help you get slim, smart figure.

Obesity is a major health issue for many people across the globe. Being overweight isn’t only a beauty concern but also leads several other health problems like increased risks of heart attack, diabetics, back pain, kidney problems etc. The people, who are struggling with this issue, try various diet plans and exercises but fail to reach their weight loss goal.

Although shedding the unnecessary pounds from your weight is a tough task but it can be easier if you do it with self-control and full determination. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to beat obesity and several other health issues. A most common mistake made by the weight-loss wishers is skipping the meals that cause lack of nutrition in your body. For healthy weight loss, it is always important to take well balanced diet comprising of meat, eggs, dairy products, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Healthy Meal Plans to Lose Weight For Women

1. South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is one of the most recommended meal plans to lose weight for women. Prescribed by doctors and diet experts, this diet plan is gaining popularity across the globe thanks to its flexibility. Many women from around the world opted this diet plan and found it effective for healthy weight loss. The South Beach diet plan doesn’t demand cutting off all fats and carbs to shed extra flabs. This diet plan is divided into three basic phases.

Phase 1 is strictest phase in South Beach Diet plan and lasts for about two months. Your first target is stabilizing your blood sugar levels to minimize craving. For this, you have to eat carbohydrate-restricted and protein rich diet such as lean meat (chicken, shellfish, fish, turkey etc.), eggs, fruits, unsaturated fats and loads of vegetable. Furthermore, you can take extra-virgin olive oil. In the second phase of South Beach Diet plan, high fiber foods and whole grain should be included to your daily diet. The last phase is all about to maintain the lost-weight for whole life. If you notice weight gain at any stage of life, you may start this plan once again from phase one.

2. Atkins Diet

Atkins diet plan is another healthy meal plan to lose weight for women that works on cutting the carbs intake.

There are two theories behind this diet plan:

  • Carbs work as fuel for the body and less availability of carbs (in the case of restricted consumption of carbs) force our body to use stored fats as a replacement, thereby reducing extra weight.
  • Carbs trigger the fabrication of insulin in the body. Insulin converts additional carbs into fat, ensuing weight gain and increased appetite levels.

This Atkins meal plan is not flexible as South Beach Diet because it demands drastic alterations in your menu. This plan basically involves four main phases. In the initial phase, carbs intake is restricted to just 20 g per day. Main target of this phase is fat reduction and suppressing your cravings. Chicken breasts, fish, eggs, veggies, yogurt, canola or olive oil, cheese and nuts are recommended to satisfy your appetite. In the second phase of this diet plan, carbs are slowly re-introduced in you daily diet plan. In the third phase, you can add some high-carb vegetables to your everyday menu. Fourth and lifetime phase is to maintain the healthy weight that you got through the first three phases of Atkins diet plan” Healthy Meal Plans to Lose Weight For Women”

You have read about two innovative healthy meal plans to lose weight for women. Which one do you think is best for you? Let us know your precious opinion by posting comment below.