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Healthy Meal Plans to Lose Weight For Women

From teenage girls to mature women, all females desire to possess slim and smart body figure. However, most of them find it very hard to have that perfect figure. The main reason of this is selecting wrong way and making unhealthy choices for losing extra weight. Shedding the extra pounds isn’t impossible, what you need to do is preparing a well-balanced diet plan that can set you on the correct route. This page will tell you how to make healthy diet plans to lose weight.

Healthy Meal Plans to Lose Weight

Myriad of websites are available on internet, which describe healthy diet plans for weight loss. However, you can make your own diet plan by getting necessary awareness of the basics. Following steps should be taken before you start making meal plans to lose weight.

01. Calculate Your BMI

BMI (body mass index) is ratio of mass and height of a human being. Ideal BMI value ranges from 18.5 to 25. If your BMI is below 18.5, you are underweight and if it is above 25, you are obese. Find out your current BMI and then start with making meal plan accordingly.

02. Recognize Your Activity Level

For making an effectual and healthy diet plan, must consider your physical activity level. By doing so, you may discern how many calories your body burn a day. To cut down the flabs fast, your diet should ideally contain 500 calories less than the required level. For example, if you burn 1700 calories daily, your everyday diet should contain 1200 calories.

03. Never Skip Meals for Losing Weight

Dieting does not mean starving. Some obese girls skip breakfast or dinner for losing weight. These shortcuts end up leaving you feeble and tired. Instead of skipping meals, just make sure that your diet plan contains low-calorie yet nutritious foodstuffs.

04. Keep Junk & High-Sweet Foods at a Bay

Junk, unhealthy and high sweet foods are main blockers in the journey of weight-loss. Such foods not only make you overweight but also cause several other health issues. So, avoid these unhealthy foods if you want to achieve your goal.

05. Make Healthy Choices

While making a meal plan for losing weight, make sure to add fresh fruits, vegetables, butter, yogurt, milky food items, fish and lean meat. The whole grains and unprocessed foods deliver you maximum benefits, so stay away from packed and fried foods.

Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Now it is the time to make a healthy meal plan for losing weight. Most health specialists recommend eating several small meals in a day. A healthy diet plans to lose weight includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Teatime snack
  • Dinner

Breakfast is one of the most significant meals, so nourish your body with healthy and nutritive breakfast. You can take a boiled egg and glass of fat-free milk to provide must-required boost to your metabolism. Alternatively, a cup of your favorite whole grain cereal and an apple could also be taken for same nutrition. For morning snack, take one cup of cantaloupe melon or half-cup of low-fat yogurt. The lunch should contain one hot pitta bread with lean meat choices. Scroll down to check complete diet plan for losing weight. You can modify it according to your choices.

Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Breakfast One cup of fat-free milk + one boiled egg / one medium orange + one cup of whole grain cereal
Morning Snack Half cup of plain yogurt (sweetened with low calorie sweetener) / one cup of cantaloupe melon / one small orange

Lunch 1 wheat pita bread + lean meat (cooked according to your choice) + fresh vegetables salad
Afternoon Snack 3 ounces of carrot sticks/ 2 tbsps. Low-fat granola cereal with fruit
Dinner One medium plate of cooked brown rice / Salmon + fruit

You can include more similar foodstuffs that are low in calories but provide you ample nourishment.
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