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Top 10 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Losing the excess weight from body is a major concern for many obese people. To achieve the weight loss target, sometimes folks opt for wrong behavior such as skipping the meals or snacks from every day meal plan or taking weight loss pills. These unhealthy techniques never help you meet the weight loss target but harm your body by causing lack of nutrition. If you are serious to shed the nasty pounds, make habit of healthy snacking.

According to an American research, healthy snacks provide your body ample nourishment and keep you energized for long time. Protein-rich and high-nutrient snacks boost the metabolic rate of your body, resulting in losing weight. Let’s have a look at list of top 10 healthy snacks for weight loss.

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss Step By Step

1. Apple & Skim Milk

Fresh apple and skim milk for healthy snacks for weight loss

The pair of a fresh apple and skim milk comes first in the list of top ten healthy snacks for weight loss. You must have heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but we can also say, “An apple a day keeps unnecessary pounds away.” A glass of skim milk provides your body 85 calories with no fats, while medium apple has 95 calories. This combo of dairy and fruit not only satisfy your hunger pangs for long time but also assist your body fight against various diseases.

2. Avocado Filled with Cottage Cheese

Avocado filled with Cottage Cheese for Weight Loss

Another healthy snack for weight loss is avocado filled with cottage cheese. Both of these ingredients are very popular thanks to their effectiveness for losing weight in healthy ways. Protein rich cottage cheese satiates your appetite and upsurges your energy levels, while energy-booster avocado is loaded with the nutrients that help you shrink your waist.

3. Edamame

Boiled Edamame For Fatty Snacks To achieve the weight loss

One cup of boiled edamame (soybean) is an excellent substitute for fatty snacks if you are trying to drop extra pounds. Edamame is a rich source of vitamins and other vital nutrients. Besides keeping excess weight at bay, edamame helps you handle several health issues including menopause in women.

4. Low Fat Yogurt Topped with Strawberries

Low Fat Yogurt For Reduce Belly Fat

Regular consumption of low fat yogurt between meals can help you reduce belly fat easily. Yogurt is a rich source of protein and calcium that are most essential to keep yourself fit. A cup of yogurt a day provides you sufficient energy to do weight loss workouts. To add fruity flavor in yogurt, you can top it with strawberries.

5. Popcorn (without butter & salt)

Butter-Flavored Popcorn For Healthy Weight Loss

For healthy weight loss, your mid-meal snacks should be low in calories but high in vital nutrients. One cup of plain popcorn contains just 31 calories. However, butter-flavored popcorn contains comparatively more calories. So, always try to pop your corns on stove in olive oil or canola oil.

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal Healthiest Morning Snack For Weight Loss Wishers

Do you know that oatmeal is the healthiest morning snack for weight loss wishers? Yes, oatmeal has great content of fiber that help you make feel fuller for long time. It takes more time to be digested as compare to other food items, so providing you long-lasting energy.

7. Blueberries

Blueberries to your everyday diet plan

Including 1.5 to 2 cups of blueberries between the meals would be excellent addition to your everyday diet plan. Blueberries contain high amount of Catechins, a natural phenol and antioxidant that cuts down the abdominal fat by stimulating fat-burning genes.

8. Banana with Peanut Butter

Banana with Peanut Butter For Weight loss

The latest research has proved this fact that snacking on peanut butter can help you lose excess weight by controlling hunger pangs for long time. Pair up the peanut butter with banana for morning or teatime snack to curb your appetite.

9. Pears with Almond Butter

Pears with Almond Butter For Weight Loss

Pears are low in calories and high in fiber. The fiber-rich diets usually need more time for digestion than other food items. Half cup sliced pear along with one tablespoon of almond butter, you can curb your appetite for at least three to four hours.

10. Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies For Healthy Weight Loss

Fruit smoothies are the best snack option for healthy weight loss. You can prepare it at home easily using your favorite fruit and skim milk. Fruit smoothies upsurge your energy levels and keep you filled for long time.