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How to Healthy is Your Coffee

Once healthy experts said that it is really very good if you start your day with coffee and we know millions people who not only start their days with it, but the end their days with it and I know many people who consume at least 12 cups of coffee or tea during a day so let’s see if this is a healthy behavior or not, we are going to talk about some very good and healthy effects of caffeine so ready to know the good sides of drinking coffee?

How to Healthy is Your Coffee

1. Gallstone Prevention, according to a very authentic and famous report, drinking coffee is very good and has so many brilliant results too, during 2002 a institute announced with so many proves that coffee reduce the risk of gallstone and it is positive for both girls and boys and it has very similar result of some fruit juices and some famous chocolates.

2. Depression Prevention: - without any doubt, drinking coffee can reduce your depression level and make you so calm and relaxed and make you stable for bigger and important decisions, and it has some properties that make you active and happy too.

3. Memory Improvement, drinking coffee make your memory more stable and it increase the cells that control your mind and memory power, according to an authentic study, drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee improve your memory and your reaction times.

According to another research if someone drink more than two cups of coffee per day he would perform some mind work and some memory work 82% better than the one who does not drink coffee or use coffee that has low level of caffeine so the result is caffeine makes the neutron to work better and faster.

4. Less Risk for Diabetes, studies show that tea or coffee can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and if you have this disease and you are feeling all kind of symptom then you can decrees the difficulties with the consumption of caffeine. In January 2012 FDA presented a report about that and they said that if your body is responding to this medication than this can actually help your diabetes.

6. Metabolism Boost, drinking coffee can make your metabolism run faster and reduce your weight gradually; according to another research it can make your sweat even without running and can make your fat cells easily.
Now we have at last 7 reason to drink coffee or tea, 6 are up there and one if our love for tea or coffee. Enjoy your coffee with healthy life and body.