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How To Achieve Weight Loss Goals

If you want to get skinny and you want to lose some weight then let me tell you that you are doing very good if you are trying to get in healthy lifestyle or if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight then it is very good, but before you start that journey you need to know where do you actually need to reach and what are your weight lose goal and then it would be really good and really easy to achieve that goal and if you already have some goals then here are some tips for you to achieve those goals.

Before you start I want to show you a new perception, have you seen Victoria Beckham? Have you seen her when she started her career as a singer, she was a pretty curvy girl and she was so fit, but now she is skinny and she is supper skinny I guess she use dress size 3-2, if you thing that is some magic then you are wrong, actually she has a body shape that can get skinny too quickly cause she has a very small and very light body structure, but if you have a broad body structure and you think that you can get skinny like her then it is not possible and you should not try you should try to get ion healthy shape, size 2 or 3 is not your size.

Here are some simple tips for you to get skinny:

Know your body type and choose a realistic role model according to your own body type, but you need to be really realistic and really focus while you do that.

Be very strict to your goals, and keep track of your body fat percentage, no matter what, you have to and you should maintain the healthy level of body fat cause if you start burning all the fat then you might start getting some healthy issues and you end up with a lean unhealthy body that look ugly and ill.

Be focus on the body you have rather than the body you admire, if you have broad shoulder and broad hip bone then there is nothing that you can do to look like a skinny model so be realistic and keep your eyes opened. Confuse your body with Zig-zag calorie intake keep changing your calorie intake every few days and that will maintain a healthy metabolism for your weight loss.

Start eating 6 small meals a day and add three cups of green tea or any herbal tea in your day to day life routine, Run, you need to burst all these calories and the best way of that is ruining and you need to run as fast as you can and you need to try uphill resistance running and that will get you to your goal really soon.