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How Much Weight Does a Woman Lose After Giving Birth

How to lose weight after giving birth, motherhood is arguably the biggest joy a woman can have. However, it may leave the women tackling with one of the peskiest problems, obesity. Just after their baby is delivered, women begin setting up a plan to shed the extra weight they gained during pregnancy. But, before beginning with any weight lose regimen, it is necessary to learn how much weight they should lose after giving birth.

How to lose weight after giving birth
How much weight can you expect to lose after giving birth

How to Lose Weight after Giving Birth Here is an Easy Guideline

How soon weight loss regime should be started:

How to lose weight after giving birth when it comes to lose pregnancy weight, the first and foremost thing to learn is that how soon weight loss campaign should begin, one of the biggest mistakes most women make is to start following strict weight loss regimes just after child birth. It may have highly devastating effects over your health. It is always imperative to give your body enough time to recover from labor.

Professional physicians and gynecologist recommend almost six-week rest before attempting to weight lose. Cutting back on your meal and indulging yourself in strenuous exercises before and even after six weeks will rather hold back the weight loss process than speeding it up. Furthermore, depriving yourself from sleep will delay the recovery from labor; so also make sure to take enough sleep.

So, for first few weeks simply enjoy with your partner and newborn and regain your strength and stamina. After six-week postnatal appointment, you may ponder over shedding the excess pounds.

How much weight should I lose after giving birth?

The finest way to how to lose weight after giving birth is to do it steadily but constantly. Attempting to lose weight rapidly isn’t safe at all. Whether you are breastfeeding your new born or not, losing 1-2 pounds per week is just fine. This way the energy level of your body will be maintained and you will be able to fulfill all the physical demands being a new mother. Furthermore, a slow weight-lose procedure will ensure you speedy recovery from labor.