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How To Lose Weight As A Teenager

We try our level best to look good in our teens, we all want to look the most beautiful girl and boy of the school and for that we almost try everything that we hear, works, but do trying all the things really work? I don’t think so, jumping from one thing to another never work and for that you need to get a proper plan and you need to get some strict rules and stick with them…. today we are going to give you some tips that are not only good for your teen age, but they will help you throughout your life and if you keep these rules with you, you would never need to go on diet, never ever.

Now let’s start with the goal plan, if you are a fatty kid then you probably need to make a simple goal, like I will lose 5 pounds in next coming month, or I will loss 5 KGs for summer during this winter and so on, and if you are a regular kid with just few pounds extra then you can try with dress size that I will lose two dress size or I will start a healthy life, but keep one thing in mind while you are trying to lose weight, stay on healthy lifestyle line, never go for drastic diet and don’t starve yourself , this is the time of foundation if you make a weak foundation you will lose the building really soon and that is exactly what we don’t want, eat healthy food.

Now let me tell you that we all know that teen age is full with tensions and we all know that you have millions of distraction, but don’t go out with those friends who eat junk food, try to eat healthy food, if you don’t want to lose those friends then try to show them the good benefits of this lifestyle too and see if they can quit their junk habits for you or not, an if they cannot then what can you?

Never eat while you are walking, playing or standing, always keep you table manners with you, always eat with proper manners, you need to understand that this few years of teen will never stay with you, soon you will be an mature adult and then it would be really hard to quit your bad habits, plus no one really like careless kind of freaks.

It takes at least 20 minutes to actually notice that you’re full or not hungry anymore so never let your stomach tell you if you are hungry or not, let it know that this is the food and it should be satisfied with that, always keep some food for birds from your plate, no matter what you are eating, this is a healthiest and the most cutest habit, if you are eating junk food no matter how hungry you feel, always order a half plate of it and if you are eating at home then take a smallest bowl you have at home and fill it with food and then convert it in your plate, drink at least two glass of water just 30 minutes before and one glass just before you eat and you will be absolutely fine.

Now at the end, add some sports in your life go for running, swimming 5 times a week and if you are not in any kind of sports club then run twice a day for more than 45 minutes and keep focus and nothing come in between your goals.
Smile a lot and live a happy life.