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Hyperthyroid Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of so many issues that we deal when we suffer with thyroid, no matter what kind of thyroid we are dealing with though, we deal with joint issues, tissue breakage, muscles achiness, so there are the main causes of joint pains while you are dealing with thyroid.

The most common reason of joint pain Graves disease, it is a kind of autoimmune disorder which attacks healthy tissue, it do not destroy not destroy the gland directly, but it produce some unhealthy antibody which producing more than need or more than required amount of thyroid hormone and that is a very common reason of joint pains.

Hyperthyroid Joint Pain

You can get worst pain if you have a long family history of hyperthyroid joint pain, or you dealing with stress, pregnancy, smoking, and depression and if you are dealing with low level of Vitamins D and if you are facing migraine and thyroid together. Migraine is a major reason of low vitamin D.

If you are diagnosis with thyroid no matter what kind of thyroid, you need to be very careful and you need to look for these symptoms, weakness and stiffness , morning fatigue is very early stage of joint pain sand if you get that you should get medical help of some medical help immediately. if you start feeling some tingling feelings in your joints or muscles, you get burning pain in the wrist joint or you feel like they crake when you move them if you get some pain in your legs that goes to your toes or to your foot, then it is time pt get therapist and it is best if your thyroid physician recommend you to the therapist.

There are lots of medications for that included radioactive iodine and anti-thyroid medications, but if you ask metabolism then I would say that try not to use thyroid medication, the first thing you need to do is control your weight, don’t let it gain or lose too much, eat healthy food, and get on healthy lifestyle, if you want to love a happy life then you need to get in a healthy lifestyle.

You can start taking normal over the counter iodine pills or capsules and you will see that with the passage of time iodine will destroy the overactive thyroid cells, shrinking the gland and reducing painful joint symptoms very perfectly symptoms and if you really have to take medicines then you can try to ask your doctor for Anti-thyroid medication Tapazole which will help to prevent the thyroid gland to making excessive amounts of hormones and you will feel better.

Best of luck.