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Lose 5 Pounds In One Month

If you are planning to look good for something special that you are going to attend in less than a month then I bet you would look for something that work fast and that reduce your weight in one week or month, but if you are planning to use any medicine for that then I bet it is not safe for you and you should not use it….don’t rush and give yourself a week to lose 5 pounds but keep in mind that it would depend largely on whether you eating and what is the method of burning that calories.

Here are some tips for you to lose weight within a month with healthy way; you just need to follow some simple rules with full determination and full regularity.

First of all you need to control your carbohydrate and fat intake, we know that there are some good fats and some bad fats and you cannot quit all kind of fats completely, you need fat, but try to avoid all kind of bad fats and you need to quit all kind of hydrates try to avoid all whites, you have to be strict about your diet , I know that you don’t have longer times of period so it is best that don’t cheat and don’t make excuses eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are trying to lose weight then try to eat six small meals rather than three big meals and that is the best way to keep your metabolism fast and if you think that you cannot eat that much then you can try three small meals and three simple one serving snacks, you can try two cups of green tea and two servings of fruits.

Walk 45 minutes twice a day and it is best if you go for walk in the morning and just before sleep and that will help your sleeps too, Take a healthy sleep and try to get 8 hours sleep without any kind of alarm and any kind of disturbance and never ever go for sleep while the lights are on.
Best of luck 🙂