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Lose Weight In 10 Days

We are going to try to reduce some weight with some very simple and effective diet plan that will take only ten days and if you work properly an if you stay on track you will lose weight and you will be able to keep it off too, for these things you need few things to lose weight within 10th day. Flight of stairs/or anything to run, water, fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juice, low-fat foods, some healthy and good fats or white meat.

Now these are few things that you need to do every day and there is no excuse for that you cannot skip these things no matter what, you need to get on your feet and run for 45 minutes every day, and for that you need to start your day just one hour earlier and start with 30 minutes of walk and increase the intensity and time with passage of time, but if you are not running 45 minutes every day then you have to walk for 30 minutes after every meal, you need to drink lots of water, you need to drink at least 12 glasses in a day, you need to sleep well and you need to sleep good eight hours.

Lose Weight In 10 Days

Okay now we are going to start with day first when you are allow to eat just Fresh Fruits if you think that you can eat all kind of fruits then you are wrong, we are trying to lose some weight we are not trying to get as much mass as much possible, so we need to eat healthy food, we need to eat fruits that are loaded with high level of anti-oxidants like lemon, oranges, bat root etc. you cannot cheat with that, you cannot even eat too much fruits, you just can eat one serving of fruit at one time, you can eat one orange in the morning and then you can eat one small glass of lemonade in snack and then you can eat some pineapple and some juice of beat root in evening, but nothing except these things.

Now on second day you need to start with lots of vegetables you can eat whatever you want, but make sure you are not allow to cook it so you can eat any anything that is eatable without cooking, you can eat all the greens, you can eat soaked lentil and whatever you want and on third day you will keep this routine and add some ginger tea and some green tea that’s it, just lots of broccoli, spinach, eggplant carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy greens and bell peppers and all other greens are good for you.

How to Lose Weight in 10 Days at Home

Mix and Match: – now you are going to mix and match some good fruits and vegetables and make smooth mix salads, you can add two glasses of milk , you can add a platter of steel-cut oats or brown rice, whole wheat bread, but in real moderation.

Now at the sixth and seventh day you can add some good fats with vegetables too, you can add some low fat yogurt, one egg, beans, 2 plates of pasta with fresh tomato and you can eat three servings of fruit during a day and one glass of juice.

Now eighth and ninth day is soup day and you can try as many soups as you like, cabbage soup, chicken soup and any vegetables soup, but not with any kind of oil or butter, but if you really need to add something then add some olive oil or some tomato sauce in it.