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Lose Weight With Simple Tips

Today I am going to share a real life experience of a boy with you who was suffering with Poly cystic ovary syndrome and his disorder was a reason of his border line diabetic and he was suffering with lots of issues including weight disorder and he picked a number of things to lose weight and we are going to talk about that to see what are the things that actually work for weight.

First thing he added in his life was a six times a day meals, Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack after every 2 or 3 hours and the main rule of these six time a day diets is eat small portions and eat almost everything, jut eat very small portion of food, like a small baby portion of food and you should buy some very small size plates and bowls too to use while you are on six times a day diet and try to use the smallest spoon and fork too for eating this small food.

Then he added some small coups of green tea in his day to day lifestyle and in beginning he was so confused that if that much food and green tea will work for him or he will end up with few KGs more, but all of that was actually good for his disease and this diet kept his sugar level low and he says that he felt more energetic and happy.

For his green tea he adds one cup hot boiling water and he pours that in his cup with green tea bag in it and then adds 2tbs lemon 2tsp apple cider vinegar and1tbs agave nectar and I personally know that it taste so yum and so healthy and you need to drink at least 4 cups of this green tea during a day and it is best if you try diffract timings and see the results.

Now drink lots of water and try to drink chilled water and I personally think that keep a glass or a sipper with your all the time with some ice cubes in it and keep sipping throughout the day and specially when you are planning to eat food drink one glass of chilled water just 45 minutes before and this will make your body work even more harder to digest your food.

Now I am adding some under the table secrets with you, he has a very horrible habit of chewing during cooking, driving and walking, you would not believe that he was a walking sweat shop, you always can get a huge options for sweets with him and when he decided to reduce weight, he bought a set of chewing toys and he started eating them and he feels really good with these, you just need to see those which are very soft and very small that you can keep chewing them without holding them or you can use chewing gum for that too, BTW he lost 30 Kgs in 4 months and now he has been on this same routine for one year and 4 months and he lost almost 7 dress size too.
Best of luck.