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Top 10 Tips for Losing Weight After Baby While Breastfeeding

Most women tend to get extra weight during pregnancy. Once the newborn arrives, the mom begins her struggle for getting back the pre-pregnancy figure. For a nursing mother, shedding the extra pounds is comparatively easier than the mom who doesn’t breastfeed her little one. The act of breastfeeding helps you in natural weight loss without any special dieting. You burn significant calories each time when you breastfeed your kid. If you are nursing, taking ample nourishment after short intervals is very important for you.

Losing Weight After Baby While Breastfeeding

This page describes top 10 tips for losing weight after baby while breastfeeding.

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1. Adopt Calorie Controlled & Well-Balanced Diet Plan

Calorie Controlled & Well-Balanced Diet Plan

Adopting a well-balanced, calorie-controlled diet plan is very essential for the nursing mother. The newborns need constant feeding, so you should consume varied diet in order to deliver your child healthy nutrition each time. Make sure that your diet plan includes the food items that are low in calories but high in nutrition. Lean meat, eggs, fish, plain yogurt, fresh fruits and dairy products are most recommended.

2. Avoid Junk, Unhealthy & High-Sugar Foods

Avoid Junk, Unhealthy & High-Sugar Foods

The nursing moms should be very careful while making their diet plan as have to produce nutritious milk for their babies. All of us know that junk and high-sugar foods are addicting. If you are a nursing mom, must avoid eating junk, unhealthy and high-sugar foods. Such kind of foods not only ruins your own health but also put your breastfeeding-baby at the risk of several health issues.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough amount of water is undoubtedly very important for all human beings but it becomes more crucial when you are nursing. To produce breast milk, your body needs lot of extra fluid every day. So, drink more and more water to keep your breast milk flowing and your body well hydrated as well.

4. Ingest Protein-Rich Foods

Ingest Protein-Rich Foods

Healthy and protein rich diet is very crucial for the nursing mothers. The breastfeeding process needs tons of energy and boosting your energy levels isn’t much easier than incorporating ample amount of protein rich foods on regular basis. Meat, chicken, eggs and dairy products are high in protein.

5. Consume Fresh Apple-Carrot Juice

Consume Fresh Apple-Carrot Juice

Fresh apple carrot juice is a miracle for nursing mums. This great beverage improves the quality of your breast milk by providing your body sufficient amount of vital vitamins (A, B & C), minerals, calcium, iron, pectin and antioxidants. Unsweetened apple-carrot juice is low in calories and helpful for natural weight loss.

6. Do Mild Workouts Regularly

Mild Workouts Regularly

After childbirth, the nursing mums could get back their pre-pregnancy figure by regular exercise accompanied by healthy nutritious diet. However, keep in mind that starting workouts just after delivery is a strictly prohibited. Female’s body needs at least 6-week rest after delivery. So, must wait for six weeks before you start physical activities for weight loss. The best exercise for losing weight after baby is 15-minute brisk walk with moderate yoga workouts.

7. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Stress, anxiety and discomfort are factors that trigger your health related worries. Excess stress and anxiety not only cause muscle tension, headaches and digestive problems but also is directly related to weight gain. Chronic and prolonged stress produce a hormone called “cortisol.” This stress hormone increases your cravings for junk foods and slows down the calorie-burning process. That’s why the health professionals always recommend overcoming all types of stress and anxiety to stay fit and healthy.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a major contributing factor for healthy weight loss

Getting sufficient sleep is a major contributing factor for healthy weight loss. Enough sleep not only boosts your fat-loss ability but also prevents you consume extra calories. According to an American research, good sleepers have more ability to burn calories than sleep-deprived people do. On average, everyone needs about seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night.

9. Be Slow & Steady to Meet Your Target

 losing weight after baby while breastfeeding

The journey of losing weight after baby while breastfeeding is never smooth and easy but you will certainly face lots of hurdles and temptations to meet your target. If you desire to shed extra pounds in healthy ways, be slow and steady to achieve the weight target. Never go for dieting, weight loss pills, heavy exercises and other quick weight loss techniques as they can affect the quality of your breastmilk besides harming your physical health.

10. Weigh Yourself Often

your weight is a perfect key to achieve the “weight loss” goal

Having a regular view on your weight is a perfect key to achieve the “weight loss” goal. This golden rule is applied also for the nursing women. By weighing yourself twice or thrice a week, you can track your progress regularly and modify your diet plan accordingly.