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Muscle Building Foods For Men & Foods that Pack on Muscle

We are sharing some foods that will help you get some muscles and if you training really hard and you know what to do and how to do then you know what these muscles can do for you.

Muscle Building Foods For Men

Whole Eggs

If any of your gym mates tell you that you should throughout the yolk and eat whites then he is stupid, he doesn’t know anything at all, you need rock whole egg on your plates to get the best results, there is nothing better than a egg as a day stator, and that will provide great protein and they are very rich in vitamins, zinc, iron and calcium which make it perfect for muscle building,Muscle Building Foods For Men.

Chicken Breast

If you know your food and if you know how to maintain that level then I bet you know how good Chicken breast is for you, it is world famous food for body building if you eat 100 grams of chicken breast, you get 30 grams of protein with minimal fat too and if you are not frying it or keeping it from over cooking then you will get some healthy kick start too for gym workout too.


Hydration is an important part of building muscle, if they would not get healthy oxygen they will start getting shrieked, you should drink at least 18 glasses of water to maintain 75 percent of muscles and that will not only help you get good fat, but water will keep you fresh and hydrated too which will help you living a healthy life.


Muscle Building Foods For Men,I never heard that pineapple is good for your body, but then I discover that it is very good for repairing your muscles and this is the best thing that you can eat after your gym workout for best results, it is one of the best source of a protein-digesting enzyme named Bromelein and it is very good to keep your colon clean and your system clear and active.


It is loaded with Iron and healthy minerals, and it is proven that eating baby spinach can actually increase your muscle growth up to 20 percent, eat 2 pounds of spinach per day and you will get lean muscles very rapidly,Muscle Building Foods For Men.

Almonds & All Nuts are really good for health reasons: they are one of the best sources of protein and fat and it provided you vitamin E which helps you get healthy muscles and fat,Muscle Building Foods For Men.