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Myths Of Losing Weight

We are sharing some myths that we hear and read will the time about losing weight and somehow these are the reason we don’t lose weight or we face lots of difficulties, Starch rich food leads to weight gain.

Myths Of Losing Weight

That is right; but you cannot say that all the starch rich foods lead to weight gain and we should not eat any of these, there are many starch rich foods that have a very small amount of calories and fat which means if you eat them they will not sabotage your diet plan at all, you can try these things and they are very rich in starch and they are healthy for your weight lose plan. Oats, soybeans, bread, rice, pasta, fruit and potatoes and if you are eating them in healthy way you will lose weight with these foods rather than gaining.

Weight Loss and Nutrition Myths

Skipping meals can help in cutting calories: – that is the strangest thing that I have ever heard, skipping meal can actually make you gain weight cause that is the easiest way to make your body slow and crave and it stat storing things in the form of fat and it will take ages to make these stored fat burn so eat healthy food and you can try 6 measles a day for right weight lose, you just need to control the portion size and have regular meals, you can eat that portion that can get fit in your own palm and if you  are eating that much you will lose weight.

Quit Fats To Loss Weight

Quit fats To lose weight: – it is completely wrong, your body need fat to produce energy that is the essential petrel of your body and if you are not sure what is right and what is wrong fat for you then you just need to see that you can eat essential fat and oils and they are good for you and you need to avoid processed and produces oil as they are product so don’t eat it.

Weight Lifting Make You Big

Weight Lifting Make You Big: – if you believe that weight lifting make you big then you just need right guidance and you will be just fine, if you don’t want to get big then you should eat small and lift small weights, if you are a man then 4-8 is good weight to get lean muscles and if you are a female then 2-4 is ideal weight that you can lift to get lean muscles, you can try more rips with light weight and you will be just fine, there is only one thing that will make you big and that is big portion of big unhealthy meal, so keep an eye on that and try to get in healthy lifestyle 🙂