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Natural Ways To Lose Weight For Women

Nothing is good then natural ways to lose weight, I know that we are living so busy life and we cannot keep a check what we are eating and what we are drinking and how much we getting fatter with all this kind of lifestyle, we know that we all want to lose weight whenever we stand in front of a mirror or whenever we buy one size bigger dress and whenever we saw someone with perfect body who is living the same stressful life too, we all think about them and we think that they are blessed with that body and we don’t so we cannot get that body, but that is a lame excuse, anyone can get that body with just few lifestyle changes and we just need few changing, but they need to be permanent. not monthly or even yearly and you will be that one really soon. so are you ready to get in natural way of losing weight? Buckle up guys, you can.

First of all you need to get up just one and half hour earlier every day, we are not going to enjoy a day off on Sunday, cause we do eat on Sunday too so why don’t we burn these calories on Sunday? So let’s start your day with a intensive run for just 45 minutes, just get up take a glass of child water and grab your apple and run for a healthy lifestyle, if you think you are not allow to eat before your walk then you are wrong, you are not allow to eat unhealthy anytime at all, but you should and have to eat one serving on any healthy fruits in the morning while you are running.

You need to eat some whole grain homemade breakfast and while you are eating it you can make a lunch box for yourself and now when you are ready to go you need to have one littler bottle of water, handful of mix nuts and your lunch and you are ready to go, you need to drink 4 bottles during your day and try to reduce your eating habits, eat when you are hungry not when everyone is eating, but keep eating your plain nuts throughout the day and when you eat chew your bites for longer time of period and try to eat with full consideration, enjoy your food, enjoy each and every bit and every calories you are eating, these are the calories that you will burn with lots of hard work so make them worth of that hard work, if you are not enjoying your food then don’t eat it.

You just allow eating healthy food and if you are looking for the options for healthy food then you can check healthy food options we talked about earlier and for instant you can eat all the row vegetables and healthy meats, but if you really have to cook your food then try to roast or steam them and if you missing fried things then you should not, cause you are not allow to eat fried food even shallow fried or any kind of fried food.

Don’t eat in between two meals, if you feel empty, drink water, or eat a small serving of fruits or if you are confused which fruit then try apple, orange or any Barry, but don’t eat anything solid, don’t eat food.

If you are making your dinner then you should eat healthy fiber food at that time, whole grain pasta, whole grains are good for you and you can enjoy whatever you like in this range, but in really small portion and add some portions, but eat before sunset, never eat when sun is down and if you are living in the areas where sun goes down after 11 then eat at 6 and don’t EAT after that time, you can drink though, but don’t drink calories, you can try fresh juice or small cup of milk, worm milk and if you are really hungry then you should run for a while and you will feel better.

  • Eat three times a day.
  • Eat 2 healthy snacks a day.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat in day time.
  • Drink three cups of green tea.
  • Drink one cup of hot salty water in the morning when you get back from your walk.
  • Sleep for good 8 hours.
  • Smile a lot and if someone make you sad or irritated or bring some negative vibes, avoid them at any cost.