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Quick Weight Loss Program Will Start Getting Fats in Weeks

If you are eating good but you don’t burn what you eat then you will start getting fats in weeks and eventually you will make fat out of healthy food, but if you are burring all the calories and more you eat then you can eat whatever you eat no matter what you eat, junk food or healthy food, but the best thing is eat healthy and burn those junk calories you used to eat earlier so here is some helping exercises for you.

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you need to follow these sets and you need to do two sets of this routine, 15 push-ups, 20 biceps curls better if you carry some weight like five-pound or more but not less than that, 20 triceps kick-backs with same weight and same intensity. 20 front and side shoulder raises with 5-6 pound weights and try to work in front of mirror to keep the perfect gesture and body posture.

Now on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you got to do 2 sets of the following, 20 squat-backs, 20 step-ups with each leg so 40 for both legs, 15 calf raises for each calf.40 bicycles on the floor and at the end 20 lifting crunches.

Now the main tips rules you need to keep in mind while you are attending the gym, work on one muscle every day, like if you are doing upper extremities then work on all the muscles of arms and you can do a bit of waist too and if you are doing waist then you can do all the muscles of waist including belly and abdomen, but when you do legs, work only on your legs, legs are the longest muscle of body and they need special attention.
Make a plan before going to the gym and stick with the plan, don’t change it because your friend is doing something else on the day and one of the most important things, never ever discus you plan and you progress with those who are master in making people believe that they are wrong.

Weight yourself alone and every day at the same specific time the best time is after washing your face in the morning and the best is don’t share it with anyone and don’t discuss it and be honest with yourself if you are losing or not and if you do that means you are on the right track and if you are not then you are not doing things properly so you need to check everything once again.