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Top 5 Health Problems with Skin Tight Clothes

Skin tight clothes have always been become a hot topic for discussion. Mostly people like to wear tight clothes to look slim, pretty and gorgeous. They don’t try to realize their selves that how they are looking odd but they still wear them to look good.

We all want to look incredible with latest outfits and designs. In this case due to wearing tight clothes our body goes down all the day but we don’t bother it.

Now in modern style to wear skin tight clothes made every one involve in some problems. Infect these dresses will hug your skin throughout the day.

Harmful Effects of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

Here we discuss some bad effects on our health due to skin tight clothes.


Health Problems with Skin Tight Clothes

Nowadays mostly youngster prefer slim and tight out fits daily casual wear, it creates suffocation and finally they face breathing and sever sweating problem. Try to avoid wearing tight t-shirt and pants.

Skinny Jeans Affected Our Nerve

Skinny Jeans Affected Our Nerve

Skinny jeans have become a part of the latest and stylish outfit. Actually doctor warns that wearing tight pants can compress the lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve, which runs down your thighs.

Candida Yeast Infection

Skin Tight Pants

Candida yeast infection has been become very common in world. The main reason is that due to skin tight pants, these dresses prevent circulation of air and it’s helpful to the increase in production of yeast. This infection occurs on the moist and hot area of body and cause itching and scratchy sensation on skin.

Back Pain

Low Waist Jeans

Mostly a lot of people like to wear low waist jeans. But it’s very risky for our back. It compresses our back muscles and creates a restriction in the movement of our hip bone. It’s creating pressure on our spine and back, which cause a lot of pain.

Abdominal Pain

Waist Tight Dresses

Whenever we wear such dresses which stick to our stomach, it creates pressure on our stomach which turns put a lot of extreme pressure on our abdomen and in result we bear a lot of abdominal pain.

Tingling Thigh Syndrome

Tingling thigh

Meralgia Paresthetica is most common nerve disorder which is also called Tingling thigh syndrome. When we wear skin tight jeans it’s will compress a nerve on thigh and it creates this problem.

Being fashionable and trendy is not a bad thing, but we should always realize that this fashion spoiled our health or not? No doubt wearing tight clothes might look appealing, but it’s risky for our health.