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The Anti-Cancer Diet Can Fight With That Lethal Disease

We know that there are 100s anti-cancer diet of families who are living in the fare of cancer because they have a very strong family history of cancer and when they see their loved ones dealing with cancer they get scared even more, so here are some foods that might be good for your fear cause according to some homeopathic and some Ayurvedic professionals, Vitamin A can actually defeat cancer so if you have enough amount of healthy Vitamin A inside your body then you might can fight with that lethal disease,

so are you Ready To Get on Anti-Cancer Diet free?

Eat Plant-Based Foods: All plant based foods are full with energy and they are cancer-fighting powerhouses which not only fight with anti-cancer diet but you can even prevent it too, Plants have less fat, more fiber which means they are healthy if you are trying to lose some weight too and if you are trying to get in a active lifestyle then you can try to eat un cooled food too which will make keep all the benefits safe and anti-cancer diet secure.

The best anti-cancer diet plan for a cancer free life can be a vegetarian diet and you can follow this one if you want to.

One day you will eat whole greens foods but make sure you are not cooking them and drink 12 glasses of water and you are not allowed to eat or drink anything that is not from plant, you can drink one cup of soy milk if you want and if you are addicted to tea or coffee and you add milk in it too then you can use soy milk in it BTW have you ever tried coconut milk in tea.

Next day you can eat all fruits and nothing else, if you need tea then try some green tea, but nothing else and third day you can eat one serving of fruit and one of vegetable, but if you want to eat some meat too then you can add some sea food and fourth day you just eat sea food and you have to do this four day diet 5 times a month and you will lose weight, but you are not allow to eat sugar at all, replace it will sweet fruit or vegetable, the best sweet vegetable is beet root, give it a try, this will not only good for your healthy life, but it is best for your cancer free life.

But you have to keep one thing in mind, try to eat uncooked and unpeeled foods they are best and they work best and even more effectively then cancer medications.

Now there is another diet plan for you to add more healthy foods in your life style. Breakfast, jut eat one serving of fruit and one hand full mix nuts, or you can replace it with whole grain breakfast cereal but make sure you are not buying open that you get from super market, buy whole grain from grocery store and cook at home with regular method, but make sure you are not over-cooking them we need these healthy vitamins that fire is burning.

Lunch: you can have a big bowl full with baby spinach, carrot and cherry tomatoes or anything else that you like to eat uncooked, and add some beans and peas ion it too or if you are missing some smooth milky texture then add some cottage cheese and have it with two tablespoon of olive oil or you can add olives and mushrooms too.

Dinner: add any nut and vegetables in your favorite pasta sauce or rice dish and enjoy the healthiest diner possible, but never forget snacks twice a day, it is up to you when you want to have these snakes, you can have fresh fruit and vegetables including apple or banana or some handful nuts, but if you have nuts in your breakfast or your lunch then you cannot eat nuts as your day time snakes.

Love yourself and live healthy life.