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The Best Foods For A Diet & Good Food and Healthy Diet

If you are on diet then there are so many yum and delicious things that you can eat and still be happy that you are not eating rubbish, there are thousands of diet foods that are easy to make and they are healthy and they taste yum J so here are some best foods for you when you are on diet.

The Best Foods For A Diet

One of the best food for you is homemade jacket potatoes and the trick is cut them in half before putting them in oven and leave them in water for half an hour and then wash them with cold water and then make them and take boiled chicken or salmon with it rather than butter or other sauce and add fresh tomatoes rather then ketchup.

If you are running out of time then make a huge sandwich with salmon, salad and wholegrain bread pieces and never cut the edges they are good, if you feel that you are missing sauce then add plain yogurt in the base and you are ready to eat, if you are missing soft drink then make one glass of lemonade with honey and lemon or if you liked strong then try lime and you would love this sandwich.

If you are eating outside and you think that you cannot get healthier food then order something that has less harmful ingredients, eat lean meat, green vegetables, beans, eat rise but brown rise, The Best Foods For A Diet,take one coup soup before diner and give it its full time, ask for without oil roasted chicken or fish, if they have curries then try chicken curry with rise, but smallest portions.

Keep any kind of lean meat marinated in your fridge for those times when you can not bother to cook then while you are making for your family put that in oven and when you serve food to your family it will be ready to eat for yourself and the smell will make it worth dieting,The Best Foods For A Diet.