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Vitamin C Rich Foods For Healthy Body

Vitamin C is very important and it plays a very vital role in your immunity and Vitamin C is important for normal growth and development of the human body and it is very important for beautiful skin, healthy eyes and it is very important for strong and healthy immune system, it is so important and to get healthy lifestyle you need to add Vitamin C in your daily diet and for that we are sharing some foods that are loaded with Vitamin C and you can use these best natural source in your day today food and you will get all the healthy benefits of Vitamin C healthy body.

Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Citrus fruits including Oranges lime or lemon etc. are one of the most recognized citrus fruits that are loaded with healthy dose of Vitamin and they are full with flavor and taste too which means you can eat it without any issue a medium sized orange contains 70 mg of Vitamin C and 62 calories so it is healthy and weight friendly too, you can drink one glass of lemonade or one glass of fresh Oranges juice and it will maintain a healthy level of  Vitamin C healthy body.

Chilies are three kinds of chilles in the market red, green and yellow and they all have Vitamin healthy body, but the green chilies have very high amounts of Vitamin C in them, they provide 182% of our daily recommended requirement which means if you add a bit spice touch with your Chilies in your salad or your food then it will keep you healthy for the day? Red & Yellow chilies contain around 65 mg of Vitamin C and provide 102% of our daily requirement so you can use any one these and it will help you maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Rosehips are very healthy and they are very good source of Vitamin C and if you eat fresh rosehips contain 200 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams serving and if you add a bit lime in it then it will add some more taste and some more Vitamin C.

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