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Weight Losing Over 50 in Menopause & Other Issues

The last state of physical transition in women is menopause that usually occurs after 50s. In this stage of life, women face several physical and emotional issues. Weight gain is a major drawback of menopause, which make distressed averagely two of every three menopausal women. Females tend to have excess weight around their midsection during menopause.

The problem of gaining weight around this area cause several health issues like increased risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, diabetes etc. This article tells you how to deal with post-menopausal weight gain. Before we proceed further, first have a look at causes of weight gain during menopause.

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Main Causes of Weight Losing Gain during Menopause

Hormonal change is considered the main factor to be responsible for the weight gain during menopause. As the menopause phase occurs in a woman’s body, her estrogen level starts to be dropped. Estrogen is a vital hormone that controls metabolism (body’s process to break down the stored flabs for converting them into working energy) and hunger. With decreased estrogen levels, women tend to eat more than their needs. Lowered metabolic rate and habit of overeating finally results as excess flabs in abdominal area…

Menopause isn’t the only reason for weight gain in aged women, some other factors also contribute as well. As we grow old, our muscle mass and metabolic rate starts to slow down, causing the fats to accumulate in our body. Furthermore, the menopausal women have less physical activities than the younger ones. Therefore, they can’t burn sufficient amount of calories every day.

Weight Losing Tips for Women over 50 in Menopause

Though shedding the unsightly pounds during menopausal years is hard but it isn’t impossible. Given-below weight loss tips will certainly help you in this regard. Keep on reading…

1. Reduce Your Calorie Intake

How to reduce calorie intake without feeling hungry

As I have mentioned in above lines that our physical activities, muscle mass and metabolic rate naturally slows down as we grow old. It means our calorie requirement also decreases after 50s. Thus, it is very crucial to cut down calorie intake if you want to maintain your slim and smart figure after 50.

2. Eat Healthy & Well Balanced Diet

Eat Healthy & Well Balanced Diet

Eating healthy and well balanced diet is a key to stay slim and smart in all phases of life. Make sure that your daily diet plan is filling of the foodstuffs that are low in calories but rich in beneficial nutrients. Fresh fruits, vegetable salads, lean meat, fish and dairy products are extremely favorable to shed extra pounds in healthy ways. Once menopause hits you, start making a dairy to note your calorie intake and physical activities details. By this way, you may notice even minor changes in your weight. Drink adequate amount of water in order to keep your body well hydrated. Start up your new day with a glass of fresh fruit juice to boost your metabolism.

3. Increase Your Physical Activities Level

Increase Your Physical Activities Level

Most times, doing less physical activities becomes the main contributor for post-menopause weight gain. You can deal with this issue by finding some more activities. For example, make a habit of 20-minute brisk walk early in the morning. Always use stairs instead of lift to go up. Do strength-training workouts to build your bone mass and improve metabolism. Low impact aerobic workouts (such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing etc.) also help you lose excess weight. Besides this, such exercises make your heart and lungs strong and healthy.

4. Take Sufficient Sleep & Overcome Stress

Sufficient Sleep & Overcome Stress

Lack of sleep and stress are two main factors that make your journey of losing weight hard and hard. If you really want to reduce belly fat, first you have to overcome with both these issues. For many females, menopause brings a lot of stress with it. Remember, menopause isn’t the end of your happy life. It’s just a physical condition, never let it henpeck you all times. Make habit to take seven to eight hours sleep every night.

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