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Weight Loss Program With Curves

Things are getting too strange and we are promoting Size 0 which is unhealthy and harmful and girls look so slim and lean and that is not sexy and they look good, but they don’t look woman, they don’t look human and they don’t look beautiful at all, but we still have many woman out there who want to keep their curves and I bet they look good and you can say that cause we all love Sofia Vergara , Beyonce , Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Christina Hendricks and who doesn’t want to look like these girls who rock almost all kind of dresses.

So here are some very great tips for you to lose weight but keep your curves:
First of all you need to see what kind of dress you are using while you are going for running and gym, that is very important cause if you are using regular dresses then these would be less supportive which means you will lose some curves while you run and jump so try to invest best sports bras and briefs and try to use one that are perfectly made for you and your body shape.

Now you need to eat perfect food for your body, I will say that you are allow quitting sugar, but don’t go for crash diet or just Vegetarian diet try to keep things normal and eat whatever you want and burn extra calories with walk, If you are trying to lose weight then you can walk, keep it intensive and hard, but running is not your thing as you can use jogging but skipping is bad for you cause that will make your body lose weight and fat from all parts of your body.

You can try weight training too, but you should not go beyond the three KGs, you can try small weights with more rips, go for 5 rips for 20 set and this will not only get you lean muscles, but it will keep your feminine look safe too. Gym is not good for you, try yoga or Pilates, they are good for weight lose and that will help you get curvy body rather than flat straight lean size 0 body.

Now at the end, add some tea bags of black tea in your water that you use while you working out or walking and that will make your metabolism to run faster without any extra help.