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Weight Loss Tips for Obese People

If you are one of those who have acquired fat over your body and you are living with this mountain for a long time of periods then we know that it is not easy to lose it, it is very harder to lose weight and if you are dealing with some kind of disorder then it will be even impossible so if you really want to lose weight then you need to start right now, so are you ready? Are you motivated and you really willing to lose weight? Here are some tips of you then.

Normally the main and the common reason of that fat is a positive answer of calories equation, do you know what that equation is?
Calories you ate-calories you burn =net calories, 1200-1000=+200L which means you stored 200 calories for the day and if you sleep with these 200 calories they will get in the storage and will get that much fat in the morning, so if you are really willing to lose weight then you need to get a negative answer and you can even make it faster if you eat 1000 calories and burn 2000 and you will get -1000 and that would be the best answer possible.

Eat healthy food; do you know why do we eat? Actually our food is a petrol of our body and we just need some nutrition, some vitamins and we get these from healthy fresh food, we cannot get anything at all form a glass of shake and any fast food meal, you are not eating to make these fast food chains owner rich, eat food and eat healthy and make yourself beautiful and healthy, stop eating rubbish at once, if you understand that you will never get craving of junks, Don’t quit your fats at all, you need healthy fats for healthy life, you just need to know what are the right and good fats for you, Nuts are a wonderful way to get healthy fats, omega 3 and all other important fats.

Run twice a day for 45 minutes, if you are too heavy to run in beginning then start with walking, but be motivated and keep walking for good 45 minutes and if your body will feel that you are not quitting then you will see that your body will quit really soon and you will see your body reducing very fast, you need to use gravity for healthy walk so keep pushing yourself and keep walking, you can do that
Don’t starve yourself at all, don’t push yourself at the edge at any cost, be healthy not fatty, fat is not healthy.