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Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40 with Diet Plan

Weight gain after 40 is stressing condition for many women. From pre-menopausal situation to poor health habits, there are several factors behind this. However, you can shed those extra pounds through little struggle and healthy diet plan. This article provides some effective tips for healthy weight loss for women over 40 with diet plan. Must follow these tips to achieve your weight loss goal.

Effective Weight Loss Tips For Women

1. Make a Calorie Controlled Diet Plan

Weight losing task may become quite easy and achievable if you understand the importance of calorie-controlled diet plan Keep in mind that the excess weight is nothing but the unnecessary calories that you take every day. What to do for healthy & quick weight loss is creating calorie deficit. For internal functions, your body averagely burn almost 2000 calories a day. About 500 calories are used for other activities such as walking and performing household duties. If you want to shed extra flabs from your body, you have to consume less calories than your requirement. To track calorie-amount in your desired food item, get help from food journal or browse the web.

2. Burn More Calories

The second option for healthy weight loss after 40 is burning more calories than your average routine. In this phase of life, the metabolic rate slows down that finally result as accumulation of unnecessary fats. You can shed five extra pounds in just ten days by burning 1500 excess calories daily (excluding 200 calories that your body burn for internal functions). There are many intense activities that may help you burn more calories i.e. running, cycling, weight lifting, swimming, dancing, rock climbing, squash and similar intense activities. To burn 1500 calories, you need to run for two hours. Two hours swimming helps you to burn almost 1400 calories. Doing such activities in routine will not only help you lose weight fast but it will also boost your muscle mass that naturally decreases after 40.

3. Eat Healthy Diet

Another thing that contribute in healthy weight loss is what kind of food you eat. While making you diet plan, make it sure to add nutritious food items that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Protein rich foods (such as milk, yogurt, cheese, lean meat, egg, fish, lentils, tofu and beans) are very effective for weight loss, as they need more energy for digestion process. Fiber rich foods controls your hunger pangs, making you feel fuller for long time and aids in removal of wastages from body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best example for fiber-rich foods. According to food researchers, your diet plan should include two third portion of fresh vegetables and fruits. Besides protein and fibers, vitamins, mineral and iron are essential to stay healthy.

4. Drink a Lot of Water

Many of you will be surprised to hear that drinking a lot of water may help you shed unsightly pounds successfully. Yes, the latest research has proved the usefulness of water for healthy weight loss. Adequate intake of water not only help you remove the wastages and surplus material by regulating digestive system but also cuts down your calorie intake. A research reveals the fact that the people, who have a habit to drink water before meals, eat at least 75 fewer calories each time as compare to the people who don’t drink water before meal.

5. Eat After Short Intervals

For a healthy weight loss, it is extremely favorable to divide your daily diet plan in three meals and two snacks. For example:

  • 07:30 a.m. - Breakfast
  • 10:00 a.m. - Breakfast Snack
  • 01:00 p.m. - Lunch
  • 04:00 p.m. - Lunch Snack
  • 07:00 p.m. - Dinner

Breakfast is the most significant meals, so you should have a healthy and nutritive breakfast. However, dinner should be light and easily adjustable. Try to eat the dinner, 3-4 hour before you go to bed.