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Best Weight Loss Tips for Women over 50

Losing unnecessary pounds is difficult for the women in the 50s than any other phase of life. During this time, most women have been enjoying their lives after fulfilling the main household responsibilities. They don’t have much activities to perform. The metabolic rate of an individual also slows down in the age of 50s. These all factors accompanied by menopause (last physical transition in female’s body that usually occur after 50s) make it hard for mature-aged women to shed the extra flabs easily. This article provides best weight loss tips for women over 50.

Weight Loss Tips for Women over 50

6 Best Weight Loss Tips for Women over 50

1. Set Achievable Targets

Belly fat for Unhealthy Weight Loss

If you want to shed the belly fat effectively, it is most essential to set sensible targets. If you set a huge target of losing weight in specific time, you may opt for unhealthy weight loss methods such as dieting, weight loss medication and heavy workouts. To lose post-menopausal weight successfully, you should be slow and steady. Set small target for one or two weeks and weigh yourself again after that time. By this way, you can track your progress regularly.

2. Incorporate High-Calorie & Well Nourishing Foods

High-Calorie & Well Nourishing Foods

We all know that reduction of muscle mass is very common with aging process. The maintenance of muscle cells need comparatively more calories than the fat cells. Therefore, you should be very careful while making your diet plan in the age of 50s. Your everyday diet plan should contain the foods that nourish your body effectively without putting unnecessary loads on your weight. Remember, junk foods, high sugar foods, bakery item (such as pastries, cakes, pizza, burgers, sandwiches etc.), alcoholic drinks aren’t included in category of healthy foods. These all foodstuff should be strictly avoided for boosting muscle mass and weight loss.

3. Count Your Calorie Intake

weight loss check on your daily calorie intake

If you are struggling to achieve weight loss target, must keep regular check on your daily calorie intake. Remember, the extra flab is nothing but the unnecessary calories that you take in routine. The best way to have a regular view on your calorie intake is making a dairy to note the number of calories that you consume every day and the calories that your body burn.

4. Add Fiber-rich Foods in Your Everyday Diet Plan

Fiber-rich Foods in Your Everyday Diet Plan

Fiber rich foods are most recommended for weight-loss wishers. Such foods not only keep your body full for long time but also help you get rid of rubbish stuffs, which otherwise amass as flabs. Oranges, bananas, apples, strawberries, spinach, beans, cabbages and prunes are some of the fiber-rich foods. Make sure that your daily diet plan includes ample quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers, vital vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

5. Drink Adequate Amount of Water

Drink Adequate Amount of Water

While talking about a healthy life style, the importance of water intake shouldn’t be neglected. Adequate intake of water benefits human body in several ways. It suppress hunger pangs, promotes the digestive system and aids in removal of wreckage and surplus material from the body. Furthermore, drinking seven to eight glasses of water is a best approach to enhance the function of various organs including liver. If you are on weight-loss plan, drink lukewarm water instead of normal water. Lukewarm water is well known to prevent buildup of wastes and flabs in the body.

6. Do Mild Workouts Regularly

Mild Workouts Regularly

Another most significant for losing weight is doing mild workouts on regular basis. Aerobic exercises like brisk-walking, swimming, cycling and jogging not only help you in shedding excess pounds but also improve your cardiovascular activities. Anaerobic exercises are also most favorable for muscle strength as well as quick weight loss. However, these exercises are quite difficult and should be done under the guidance of trained professional.
You have read the best weight loss tips for women over 50. Did you find them effective for shedding extra pounds in healthy ways?

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